Why a Local Mechanic is Better

In 2013 Keane’s opened a second mechanic shop in Ridgefield, Connecticut and the reputation for high quality work and great prices quickly followed. Every day we aim to prove that patronizing small, family-owned businesses can be a fantastic experience that also benefits our local economy. Independent mechanic shops have an advantage over dealership service centers – a smaller bottom line. We don’t have nearly as many monthly expenses or employee salaries (no salespeople!) and we’re able to pass on those savings to our valued customers every time we repair a car. That can mean a big difference on your next brake repair or 50,000 mile service and that’s why a local mechanic is better.

Minutes From Everything

Located on Route 7 next to the Little Pub, we’re just a short drive down Branchville Road from the Town of Ridgefield and only a few minutes north of Wilton. Drop your car off in the morning and meet a co-worker on the way to work – we’re open at 8 AM to make it easier on those with a 9-5 work schedule. Commuting to the city? Drop your car off the night before and take the train home, we’re a short walk from the Branchville train station. If you live in Ridgefield, Wilton, or South Salem, Keane’s is just around the corner!

Enjoy Working With An Honest Mechanic

People who come to Keane’s have grown to expect a great experience dealing with automotive repair experts every time. Our technicians are all ASE Certified and have years of training and schooling on a wide variety of vehicles. The best part? We’re just a bunch of regular guys – we won’t try to up-sell you with complicated technical explanations and engine parts you’ve never heard of. The team at Keane’s will give you an honest and fair estimate for your repairs every time.

Specializing in European Models

If you drive cars like Land Rover, Porsche or BMW and you’re tired of paying upwards of $600 every few months for oil changes and routine maintenance, Keane’s is your solution. Our Ridgefield team has the special skills, tools and countless hours of training on European vehicles, especially high end makes and models. You can trust Keane’s Autoworks in Ridgefield to handle all maintenance and repairs on your European vehicles with the highest level of care and painstaking attention to detail – just as they deserve.

Having Car Trouble? We can help. Email us and one of our automotive repair professionals will reach out to you within 4 hours.